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Track and analyze your work time
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Keep an eye on your work hours, no matter where you are, whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner or part of a team.

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Anytime can help you to …

  • Track your work time

    • Central Add button to quickly add time entries
    • Quickly access running time entries
    • Select recently used projects, services and start-/end times new
    • Round time entries
    • Automatically adjust start and end times of rounded time entries
    • Edit multiple time entries at once and quickly assign dates, projects or services
  • Manage your Customers, Projects and Services

    • Set up a budget for each project
    • See all your projects sorted by budget progress in one place
    • Flexible hourly rates: per customer, per project and per service new
    • Work with hourly rates or fixed costs, billable and non-billable services
    • Add clients from your address book
  • Analyze your work hours

    • See your daily, weekly and monthly workload or revenue
    • Keep an eye on your avarage work hours and revenue for the last 4 weeks, 6 months and last year
    • Compare your billable and non-billable workload
    • See which of customers, projects and services take the lion’s share of your resources
  • Filter & group your time entries

    • Use advanced filter options to list specific time entries
    • Group your time entries after time frames, customers, projects and services
    • Save your filter and group settings as dynamic bookmarks for later reference
  • Export your data

    • Export filtered or grouped time entries
    • Excel XML and CSV support
    • Export to dropbox
    • Send via email
  • Work in a team *

    • Analyze the work hours of each member in your team
    • Filter and group time entries by user
    • Export time entries of specific users
    * mite.account required

Anytime is not an island

  • mite Support

    Are you a mite user? Anytime has full mite support and works with multiple accounts.

    New to mite?

    mite is a sleek online time tracking and reporting tool for teams & freelancers.

    Sign up for a 30-day fully-featured trial.

  • Dropbox Support

    With Anytime you can export your filtered and grouped time entries to your dropbox account.

    New to dropbox?

    Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically.

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